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25 Pounds of Toxic Waste (Poop) in Your Body

Posted on January 17, 2017 By In Cleanse , Gut Health , Toxic Overload Syndrome , Weight Loss With 2 comments

We know it’s hard to believe, but people have between 5-25lbs of poop (aka toxic waste) in their bodies.  And up to 8 undigested meals!! Just sitting there. Not only weighing you down physically, but also making you feel fatigued, not to mention sick.

For those of you who have been seeing your GP and not getting anywhere, it’s not hard to believe that most conventional medicine doctors never discuss this highly important issue. Yet it should be one of their first ports of call in regards to helping you feel better.

The problem is, is that all they are doing is providing you a laxative, which is neither a detox nor a cleanse; and that’s if you even have the conversation in the first place! Also, laxatives are not the solution.  They do not deal with the root problems (which is gut health), they simply draw in more fluid into your colon to help you go.  Long term use ultimately can cause your bowel to not be able to contract properly.

Are You Pooping 2-3x a Day? If Not, You Should Be…

Nobody likes to talk about poop.  Let’s face it.  It can be embarrassing!  But perhaps that’s part of the problem – and that’s why most people don’t know that they should be having a bowel movement 2- 3 times a day! Let alone understanding how this is a critical part of your health and well-being.

Toxic  Waste Build-Up

Basically, this toxic waste starts to build up and although you will be pooping, you’re not able to get rid of everything that is building up. Bear in mind that our bodies have not evolved to cope with all of the man-made chemicals and toxins in our environment, not to mention our food and the inability to properly digest ultra processed foods. On top of this, most people are constipated and don’t even realise it!

In addition, many of our medications actually cause constipation (for side-effects read direct effects!).
It has been said that if you eat a traditional American / UK diet, which has a  lot of processed foods, that a small portion of the very first meal you ever had, is still in your intestines, somewhere. I will never forget watching a Jamie Oliver show on kid’s school lunches where some kids were actually vomiting poop because they are so constipated.  That, in a nutshell, shows exactly what’s going on with our diets – and our health!

‘The Body Can Detox on It’s Own’

What’s lurking in your body is making you sick

Our bodies are truly remarkable in regards to our ability to heal – and to detox.  When we sweat, that’s exactly what we’re doing – detoxing.  And that’s why a good sweat in a sauna (dry heat is best), is so healthy.

Dry skin brushing is also an excellent way to remove toxins as well as to reduce cellulite and firm up.

However, no matter how much sweat you pour out or dry skin you brush off, you’re never going to get rid of built up undigested foods, parasites, and what is called ‘mucoid plaque’ – and apologies if this offends you, but you really need to see this picture to understand what a detox can do and how critical it is to your health.

Some Interesting Facts

  • For every foot of colon we can store approximately 5 – 10 lbs of feces
  • The diameter of our colon is equal to that of our wrist.
  • A healthy “bowel movement” will measure 12 – 18 inches long.
  • A healthy person will have 2-3 healthy bowel movements each day
  • The ascending colon controls the ageing process in the body
  • The colon re-absorbs fluids 8 – 10 times every 30 minutes
  • The colon has pressure points similar to the reflexology points on our hands and feet
  • To the degree your colon is clean, is to the degree your bloodstream is clean – a healthy colon means a healthy body!

Illnesses Abound With an Unhealthy Colon

An unhealthy colon and intestines can lead to a multitude of illnesses.

Detox Gently and Safely

Te Divina is the #1 detox and ongoing health maintenance tea on the market today. It is safe, gentle and effective. You shouldn’t experience cramps or diarrhoea.

Make no mistake,  you will be pooping! And that is a good thing!

“Better out than in”, I say!  It means that the tea is doing it’s job in regards to ridding your system of the toxic waste that has built up, on top of cleaning your liver and kidneys.

Gut Health is Imperative to Overall Health

A healthy gut plays a critical role to your overall health and well-being.  An unhealthy gut brings about a vast array of illness and symptoms.

By the time people hit 40 years old, they are feeling sluggish, achy, fatigued. They can experience memory and concentration issues.

Get Your Health on Track with Te Divina Detox and Maintenance Tea

To get your body to a place where your guts are working properly and effective, we recommend Te Divina Detox Tea for both detoxing and ongoing maintenance

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  1. Lorna Flanagan
    August 7, 2017 at 7:41 pm

    Excellent site. Very informative. I look forward to hearing more when you’re back home 🙂

    1. Alyssa
      August 22, 2017 at 3:05 pm

      Thanks Lorna!!!! 🙂 Most grateful for your lovely comment! A.x

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