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5 Fasting Bio-Hacks: Take Your Fast to the Next Level

​Welcome to the world of fasting.  

​Fasting is the fastest (no pun intended), oldest (ancient!) and easiest way of not only improving your health, with the potential to reverse Type 2 Diabetes and do some other pretty miraculous health stuff - as well as losing weigh (fast!).  

If you're ready to take your fast to the next level, then you really need to check out these ​4 fasting biohacks listed below.



​Before you I share with you my 4 fasting bio-hacks, it's important for me to mention this...

Educate yourself before you start fasting!

​Dr Jason Fung is a world leading expert regarding fasting and his books The Complete Guide to FastingThe Diabetes Code and the Obesity Code are highly recommended (and life-changing for thousands of people).

Yep, there's a BIG difference between fasting and STARVATION - which your friends and family will most likely inform you that you are doing...

​In fact, just to let you know that they may even go as far as inform you that you have an eating disorder or fasting is the latest 'fad'.  Being educated and armed with scientific evidence and info is key! #fact)

Ketosis fasting Te Divina Detox Tea

Dip, Don't Dive with Fasting

Before diving into our 4 extended fasting bio-hacks and taking your fast to the next level (aka a 36 hour+ extended fast), it is important to start slow and ease yourself in.  Trust me, it just makes your life a lot easier and prepared for when you go in for the longer fasts.

​And if you think that fasting is a fad, check out my blog Fasting: Fad or Health Phenomenon.

For hubby and me, we practice different types of fasting. We make sure that we fast around outings and events so that we never feel deprived (aka a recipe for disaster).

While study after study may appear to support the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it turns out there has never been a properly randomized (causal) study that “proves” the positive effects of breakfast! National Library of Medicine Breakfast: To Skip or Not to Skip

​Mixing your Fasting Up!

This is How We Fast...

​We shake things up!!! And don't stick to one method day in, day out.  This keeps things a lot easier for us and a lot more fluid regarding events, outings...and enjoying meals with each other, friends and family.

It also means we really DO enjoy meals even more, too. 🙂  (And it also means that most days I don't have to worry about breakfasts, lunches (hubby gets his own at work) or dinners.  A HUGE stress relief literaly OFF my plate!

The 18:6 Method

We tend do an 18:6 intermittent fast (IF) generally on a daily basis.  Sounds scary to go 18 hours without eating, right?  Think of it this way, eat dinner around 7pm, don’t eat for the few hours before bed, sleep and then eat around 1pm. ​

​Guess what?  All of a sudden, your life gets easier regarding not racing around figuring out breakfast in the morning. Ps. There is NO scientific evidence that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’.

Ketosis fasting

One Meal a Day Fasting (OMAD)

This is the first type of fast we started with and it really did ease us into the next phase of our fasting journey.  OMAD.

Now what we tend to do is make the ‘break the fast’ meal into our one and only meal a day, otherwise known as OMAD.  (Let me tell you, OMAD revolutionized my life regarding figuring out meals for hubby and I thought we would both like. Now, he gets lunch at work and I figure out something for me that I like, too.)

Alternate Day Fasting (ADF)

 A few times a week we go at least 36 hours and skip one whole day of eating – this is called Alternated Day Fasting (ADF).

Extended Fasting (EF)

We then do a few days a week throughout the month where we go for extended fasts (36+ hours).

If you are interested in getting support from other people doing various fasts, then The Obesity Code Network on Facebook peeps follow Dr Jason Fung’s methodology, and is full of great resources, not to mention something really, really important - SUPPORT from other people.

So! This being said, please find below my 4 fasting biohacks to help you take​ your fasts ​to the next level. Finally! #YAY! 🙂

4 Fasting BioHacks: Taking Your Fast to the Next Level!



​Want to get into ketosis fast? (Like in under 24 hours...?) & lose weight?

Te Divina Detox Tea has been a truly revolutionary find regarding our overall health and wellness. 

​This patent-pending tea is made with ​adaptogenic* and other impressive, all-natural organic ingredients​ - helping with weight loss, ketosis /blood sugar levels balanced.  

Fasting helps with detoxing, but let me tell you, Te Divina truly takes your fast to the next level regarding:

Before I discovered fasting, I discovered Te Divina tea.  And I lost a whopping 26 inches and 27 lbs in under 3 monthsand got my health back onto the road to recovery from fibromyalgia. You can read my story here.

Furthermore, Te Divina tea has powerful anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients, helps cleanse your liver and colon and can be gentle enough to use daily, and is gluten-free and vegan, too.

​With Te Divina You Won't Break Your Fast!

​​You won’t be breaking them because Te Divina Detox Tea has:

  • Zero carbs & calories
  • Zero fat & protein
​Te Divina Detox Tea is definitely my #1 bio-hack for fasting and taking fasts to the next level.


 *Adaptogens help bring your body back into balance. Te Divina is made with ganoderma and chaga mushrooms, of which there are LOADS of studies.  

Here are just a few studies regarding ganoderma (reishi) and diabetes/insulin resistance and obesity.



Getting your body into ketosis is good for a variety of reasons, whether you’re fasting or not. 

​Being in a state of ketosis means that your body is using fat for fuel – instead of glucose coming from carbs and sugar.  

Ketosis speeds up your metabolism and is a fantastic way to lose weight, reduce inflammation, help control Type 2 diabetes, as well as improve your overall health and wellness with a vast array of amazing health benefits.


For many people getting into ketosis can take days - for some, even weeks! Some people even experience 'keto flu' as they cut the carbs.

​Which brings me back to my #1 fasting bio-hack.  The Te Divina Detox Tea.

I am going to admit something here.  I hold up my hands at being a sugar and carb addict. And I can go from eating high carb for days, have the Te Divina tea and get into ketosis within 24 hours. Seriously.


Unless you properly test and monitor your breath​, blood or urine're not 'really' going to know.

That's why a ketosis monitoring system such as the Keto-Mojo glucose and blood monitoring system is highly recommended. (The keto strips, however, are not that accurate...).

​#1 Rated Ketosis Test




If you are like most people, the whole salt (sodium) thing – and how bad it is for you – has been drilled into your brain.  (As were eggs, avocado and (good) fat villainized for being so unhealthy' for us. WRONG!).

Table salt, however, is EVIL. Not only have all the amazing minerals have been stripped and replaced with aluminum and sometimes even talc! How toxic is that?!  ​But please don't confuse this horrible table salt with the magnificent REAL salt that is sea salt or Himalayan (pink) salt- chock full of incredible minerals!


Salt is packed full of extremely important electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and magnesium. If your body is low on electrolytes it can be very dangerous. (Like you can die if your electrolyte levels are too low. Fact).

Therefore, to prevent our sodium levels from depleting too low, Dr Fung from IDM (Intensive Dietary Management) recommends sodium supplementation.

  • Low-carb diets and fasting are very diuretic. Each time we lose fluid in the form of sweat or urine, we lose sodium. (Contrary to what you think, low sodium can make you very dehydrated - like hospitalization/death's doorstep dehydrated)
  • The symptoms of low sodium can vary – everything from feeling light-headed to headache, fatigue and feeling zapped of energy. (
  • The other thing that low salt makes us ‘feel’ is…hungry.  And craving food.

  • Highly recommended fasting book​​​​



    ​I'm guessing you've heard about the 'miraculous' bulletproof coffee.  

    Although you can use any coffee whipped with butter and/or MCT oil, the 'REAL' Bulletproof coffee is organic - and doesn't have the concerning mold spores most other coffees have​(Ochytoxin A - the concern is in the name...'toxin'!)


    ​MCT stands for 'medium chain trigiclicerides' a healthier fat and made from coconut.) 

    ​MCTs, are a form of oil found in food that can be taken in concentrated form to facilitate weight loss and accelerate reversal of health conditions such as fatty liver and type 2 diabetes ​


    You can also use MCTs to make intermittent fasting easier, as they effectively suppress appetite because they modestly raise the level of blood ketones such as beta-hydroxybutyrate.

    Now. Before you go all haywire on the comments regarding breaking a fast and affecting autophagy with bulletproof coffee, from my understanding the studies have not been done regarding the effects. Everyone has an opinion...including Dr Jason Fung (fasting expert).

    Dr Jason Fung (fasting guru) believes that it is more about the effects of insulin spikes vs calories.  And that Bulletproof coffee has positive effects on fasting for most people, as does Dr Berg (see the video below).

    I personally find that if I have my cup of Te Divina Detox Tea first thing in the morning, then a Bulletproof coffee after around half an hour, it's a great combo.


    ​Atom Capsules

    ​If you're looking to use fasting as a fast means for weight loss, then adding Atom Metabolism Booster Capsules can really help take you to the next level.

    ​Atom Capsules are ephedrine-free - so no heart palpitations. And, they are infused with a Thermogenic Fat Burner and Energy Booster!

    • May Help Burn Fat
    • Energy Booster
    • May Assist With Weight Loss

    This revolutionary thermogenic capsule has properties that may help to suppress your appetite (so perfect for fasting!), and helps to provide a natural, sustainable energy boost while it can help to burn fat.  

    They won't break your fast and can help with ketosis, too.

    ​5 Fasting Bio-Hacks Conclusion

    So there you have it.  My 5 fasting bio-hacks to help you take your fast to the next level. Let me know if you tried them and how they made a difference in your weight loss, improved energy and stabilizing your glucose levels in the comments section below!  

    Happy fasting!

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