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Gut Health: 11 Illnesses You Probably Didn’t Think Are Connected to Your Gut

Posted on February 2, 2017 By In Cleanse , Gut Health With no comments

Symptoms related to poor gut health can be as obvious as abdominal pain, bloating after meals, reflux, or flatulence, but also less obvious like headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and immune system weakness. But did you know that gut health is also related to mental health conditions? Find out more about the 11 illnesses you probably didn’t think are connected to your gut.  You might be surprised!

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Heal Your Gut with Scrumptious Ginger, Garlic & Carrot Sauerkraut

Posted on February 2, 2017 By In Blog , Gut Health , Recipes With no comments

If you told me a few months ago that I would be ‘whipping up a batch of homemade sauerkraut’, I would seriously have done a double take.  However, since then I have been learning about gut health and how it affects our overall health, and how fermented foods, such as kefir and sauerkraut produces highly beneficial probiotics.   read more

25 Pounds of Toxic Waste (Poop) in Your Body

Posted on January 17, 2017 By In Cleanse , Gut Health , Toxic Overload Syndrome , Weight Loss With 2 comments

We know it’s hard to believe, but people have between 5-25lbs of poop (aka toxic waste) in their bodies.  And up to 8 undigested meals!! Just sitting there. Not only weighing you down physically, but also making you feel fatigued, not to mention sick.

For those of you who have been seeing your GP and not getting anywhere, it’s not hard to believe that most conventional medicine doctors never discuss this highly important issue. Yet it should be one of their first ports of call in regards to helping you feel better.

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