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Te Divina Detox (Turbo) Tea Recipe & Instructions

Posted on June 12, 2017 By In Recipes With 23 comments

This is truly the best way to make Te Divina Detox (Turbo) Tea for the UK (and everywhere!). It's much more potent and effective this way. My friends also suggested to try hemp tea, which they grow themselves in their own colorado hemp farm Honest!

In fact, we call it 'Turbo Tea'.

The Instructions

Firstly, throw the directions on the back of the package aside and let's get started!

This is the easiest, fastest and most powerful way to make (and drink) Te Divina Detox Tea, hands down. Hence the name...Te Divina Detox Turbo Tea!

PS. 1 sachet of Te Divina Detox tea lasts a full week!

Lastly, Before Making Your Tea...

Please try to use a glass pitcher to store your tea.

Plastic is full of toxic crud such as BPA. (Even BPA free stuff is proving to be just as toxic - at double the price!).  This will leach into your tea and ultimately defeat the purpose of detoxing!

You can get a great glass pitcher just like mine for under £5 from Amazon, here.

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Te Divina Detox Turbo Tea Recipe
Struggling with finding a space for 1 gallon of your tea (as per the instructions on the back of the packet?). Want to kick the tea into the next level regarding strength, potency and efficacy? If so, this is how...and it's easy! Honest!
Te Divina Detox Tea
Prep Time 2 Minutes
Cook Time 10-20 Minutes
Passive Time 2 Hours
Week of Tea
Prep Time 2 Minutes
Cook Time 10-20 Minutes
Passive Time 2 Hours
Week of Tea
Te Divina Detox Tea
Preparing Te Divina Detox Turbo Tea
  1. Bring 1 litre (or 4 cups) of water to the boil. (I add fresh ginger for flavour and also health benefits, but it's optional). Turn heat right down.
  2. Open up actual teabag, as you will be using the contents (minus the bag)
  3. Pour teabag contents into pot with just boiled water,
  4. Cover and simmer for 10-20 minutes. (A very gentle heat with a bubble here and there - not boiling). Add a bit more water, if water amount has reduced.
  5. Let cool completely - approximately 2 hours.
  6. Pour into glass measuring cup or pitcher/jug. This is your concentrate. DO NOT DRINK THIS STRAIGHT!
Make Proper Strength of Tea
  1. Take 3 tbsp of concentrate and add it to a mug. Top it up with hot, boiled water, preferably filtered. DO NOT MICROWAVE YOUR TEA - ALL THE GOODNESS WILL BE ZAPPED OUT OF IT!
  2. Drink at least 3 litres of water every day in order to flush your system. This tea is a liver cleanse and it is imperative to flush your system with water to help remove the toxins and impurities.
How to Drink Te Divina Detox Turbo Tea
  1. 1.Drink 1 mug first thing in the morning, at least an hour before eating. 2. Drink 1 mug at night at least 2 hours after eating before bed. Drink lots of water in between...you can add a bit (sparingly) of the Te Divina Detox Turbo Tea into your drinking water, too!
Recipe Notes

Please note:  This recipe is for advanced users!  Make sure you have tried the tea for 1 week, using the method stated on the back of the package.

This is for people who have tried 1 week of tea the 'normal' way - steeping the tea bag for 4-8 hours in 1 litre of boiled water and using this as the concentrate, in order to ensure that the tea isn't too strong for your system.

Do not pass go, until you have done week 1 first! 🙂

Are you ready to take your Te Divina Detox Tea to the next level in efficacy and potency?  If so, you need to try our Te Divina Detox (Turbo) Tea recipe! 🙂

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*Vida Divina makes no medical claims.  Te Divina Detox Tea is not for treating or curing any illness. Statements about Te Divina Detox Tea have not been approved by the FDA.  Consult your doctor before starting any supplement.

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