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How to do a Gentle, Safe & Easy Colon & Liver Cleanse

Colon and Liver cleanse

Did you know that you can actually do a colon cleanse and liver cleanse that is gentle and easy and can be done at home?

Believe it or not, doing a gentle cleanse to help with detoxification is as easy as 1-2-3-4!

Perplexed by the Whole Cleanse Craze?

It seems like wherever you look there is everything from retreats to juice colonic cleanses to surviving on lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. There are also cleansing and detox teas or better yet – just water.

PS. A cleanse is another word for ‘detox’ (but detox was SO 2017…).

And then there is the whole colonic irrigation and enema thing – let’s not even go there…!

So, how do you know what the best thing is for you? 

And what if you want to try and do a cleanse for detoxification in the comfort of your own home, without the process being too intense (read, attached to the toilet – for days!)?

But you are still interested in all the benefits a colon cleanse or liver cleanse can offer, such as:

  • Improving liver function
  • Weight loss
  • Cleansing your colon & intestines for better nutrient absorption
  • Improved digestive issues (IBS and bloating)
  • Improved skin
  • Less fatigue
  • Better sleep
  • Improving gut flora

You may be thinking, ‘Hey, I don’t live beside a nuclear power plant, I eat healthily, I’m not toxic, so I don’t need to do a cleanse…’.

I hate to break it to you…

But you’re toxic.

How Toxic Are You?  Take the Quiz HERE!

According to the NRDC, we are exposed to over 80,000 unregulated chemicals and pollutants in our every day lives.

Toxins Are Connected to Most Health Conditions

These toxins are connected to cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity (PS. Toxins love to live in fat!), diabetes, fibromyalgia, CFS – pretty much name any disease or condition and there is a correlation to toxicity. Seriously. Google it.

This is beyond highly concerning. It is downright scary.

And to be blunt, you (and I) are dealing with a vast amount of toxicity in our bodies.

We’re Born Toxic

In fact, according to the Environmental Working Group, a study found 287 toxic chemicals and pollutants in the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies.

So, unless you live in the wilds of the Amazon and aren’t exposed to anything man-made – ever – you will be dealing with exposure to toxic items.  Everywhere. Every day.

My mantra is;

Just because something is for sale or a prescription doesn’t mean it is safe or healthy!

Colon & Liver Cleanses Help Kick Out Toxins

This is why doing a cleanse (or detox) is not a passing fad. In fact, these days, it is critical!

  • Parasites – parasites are considered as toxins, including ticks and Lyme disease (PS. the Center for Disease Control says millions of us are infected with these parasites such as worms – from meat, fish, pets, contaminated water…), here’s a good article about parasites
  • Heavy metals – in your water, aluminium cookware/foil
  • Fungus, bacteria and viruses lurking in your gut
  • Chemical (toxic) impurities & pollutants – from the glyphosate in your food to the BPA in the plastic wrapping your organic produce…and then there’s your body care products!
Te Divina Detox Tea is the #1 Best Seller
#1 Best Seller – Te Divina Detox Tea

Your Liver is Your Body’s Filtration System -Treat it Kindly!

It is important to remember that your liver is your body’s filtration system. And when it is full of toxic sludge that has built up through the months and years (and it is also in your colon, intestine and bowels) guess what it does?

  • Wears your body and immune system down
  • Makes you ripe for feeling sick and tired
  • Places your body in ’emergency mode’ regarding the increased likelihood of disease and illness in the future…


(But a picture paints a thousand words – so brace yourself!)

Toxic Sludge in Your Colon
Could this be lurking in your colon?

There’s Good News!

Spending 2 weeks at a Thai detox retreat, soaking up the sun, being served gorgeous organic fruit and veg juice cleanses and having daily colonics might sound appealing (at least the sun and smoothie part does!).

However, believe it or not, you can do a gentle (and effective), natural cleanse at home, and it really isn’t too difficult, expensive – or severe!

(A pina colada is ultimately a smoothie/juice, right? Minus the rum?) 🙂

Doing a Cleanse at Home

Did you know that the human body is truly amazing at removing toxins from the body? Thing is, sometimes we just need to give our bodies a little bit of help with through a gentle colon and liver cleanse.

When we start feeling sluggish, fatigued and having not only aches and pains, but a zit break-out (and you are past your teens), you may very well be dealing with what is known as Toxic Overload Syndrome‘.

You don’t need any fancy gadgets (or an enema, but if you feel like it, organic green coffee enemas are supposed to rock!).

Here’s a great Dr Axe recipe for a homemade 3 juice colon cleanse.

The following are 4 tips to do a gentle cleanse safely and easily in order to get you on the road to a healthier, happier colon and liver (and body!).

How Toxic Are You?  Take the Quiz HERE!

Here are my 4 tips to show you how doing a cleanse at home really is as easy and safe as 1-2-3-4!

  1. Fibre – Your digestive system is a key component to helping your body detox. This means that to keep it functioning, fibre is really important. The average woman should be aiming to have 25 grams of fibre a day and the average man should be consuming 38 grams per day.
  2. Water – You know the drill regarding water! We need to drink loads of it!  But did you know that water is actually one of the biggest ways to help your body to flush out toxins? It also helps aid the digestive system and your kidneys to function. The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine determined that an adequate daily fluid intake is: About 15.5 cups (3.7 litres) of fluids for men. About 11.5 cups (2.7 litres) of fluids a day for women.
  3. Antioxidants – One of the biggest contributors to cellular and body damage is the abundance of free radicals. Free radicals exist in various places within our environment and are even produced by the body in certain circumstances. A healthy diet that includes plenty of antioxidants helps to ward off free radicals.
  4. Eat Clean – One of the biggest culprits to our health these days is our food. And we aren’t just talking about eating fast food crud, either. Things like breads, dairy, even fruits and veg, unless organic, all fall into the areas of concern with the amount of chemicals sprayed on or pumped into our food. Go for unprocessed foods, preferably low in carbs and organic.

Best  Bonus Tip

Supplementing with an antioxidant-rich product like Te Divina Detox Tea.

Made with a variety of great (and all-natural) ingredients such as the powerhouses that are ganoderma and chaga medicinal mushrooms and ingredients such as papaya, cranberry and ginger.

The amazing ingredients combined in this tea help to gently cleanse your system and can help you to bump up your colon and liver cleanse to a whole new level. (It is also gluten, caffeine, laxative free, vegan and 100% organic).

I actually add the diluted tea into my smoothies to give them an added OOMPH!

PS. It tastes really pleasant and it is very refreshing with ginger or mint!

Double Check with Your Doctor

As with all lifestyle changes, check with your physician before commencing. It is safe to do a cleanse at home (or at least the cleanse options mentioned above), but err on the side of caution and ask your doctor.

(Chances are they are going to say that doing a body cleanse and detoxing is a scam...but guess what? They are so outdated in their facts…Albeit some products that people use may be inferior…)

Keep it Real

Don’t go bananas!

If you decide to go the ‘whole hog’ and choose to do something like a crash juice cleanse or diet, chances are you aren’t going to last long.

And long before you know it, you have given up all hope of doing a drastic detoxification cleanse and are calling for pizza delivery, am I right?

You need to do something that allows you to ‘keep it real’.

This means eating real, proper (and clean) food. Daily.

Do Something Sustainable – and Enjoyable!

Face it, surviving on kale juice (or water and air), is not sustainable – and most people can’t even make it through a day or two doing this drastic type of cleanse.

(At 8pm after a large dinner, and overdoing it on the prosecco, you probably think you can…but what will you be like when your stomach is roaring with hunger, and the smell, let alone taste of a broccoli smoothie awaits you at 7am? How does that grab you?).

And of course you are going to lose weight…water weight….and then it rebounds the moment you start eating again…!

There’s no need to spend hundreds (or thousands) on a cleanse or detox product, that also includes things like meal replacements.

Also – if you buy a cleanse or detox product that tastes horrendous how easy is it going to be to stay on it when just the smell of it makes you want to heave?! (Just being honest!!!).

The Laxative Conundrum

If you do decide to go for a cleanse product, consider whether you want to deal with laxatives. In many cases, a laxative makes you poop loads – but may not actually be doing anything else like removing the toxic sludge attached to your colon.  You may also experience severe cramping.

You may want to instead consider a gentle cleanse and be able to live a fairly normal, daily routine, unless you plan on being home, near the golden throne!

Although it is always a good idea to consider chilling when doing a cleanse, that may not be an option for you – therefore, it is important to pick a product that doesn’t have you running!

What else does the product offer (if anything?).

Is it simply a colon/liver cleanse that boasts extreme weight loss (and ultimately rebound), or does it offer longer term benefits?

A good example is Te Divina Detox Tea, with the incredibly powerful ganoderma and chaga mushrooms in it, on top of the other great ingredients, it may potentially help improve overall health and well-being and is gentle enough to use on a daily basis, too.

Is There Support?

With some colon cleanses, such as a retreat, support is the name of the game.

But what about when you are doing it from home, DIY stylee?

Is there support available for you if you have a question or need a bit of guidance? (For example, if you buy a product from Amazon or eBay, chances are there will be zero support…)

Doing a cleanse can be an incredible (and intense) and even a spiritual experience! Having support available is really important!

Everyone is Unique

Remember – everyone is different and your body will respond to doing a cleanse uniquely.

Here is a great review of a product that people are going crazy over – and once you read it, you will see why.

So there you have it! You can do a colon and liver cleanse that is gentle, easy and in the comfort of your own home. 

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