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Detoxing: Scam or Secret to Good Health?

Posted on January 11, 2017 By In Cleanse , Toxic Overload Syndrome With no comments

Everywhere you look these days you hear the words ‘colon cleanse’ or ‘liver cleanse’, or ‘detox’.  But are these all just a ruse for making money and a scam?

There seems to be a real divide among healthcare professionals regarding detoxing and ‘detox’ -otherwise known as cleansing.  Or more to the point, there seems to be a real divide between old school, conventional western medical professionals, and functional/holistic medical practitioners in regards to detoxing. The question is, ‘is it a scam? Or is it the secret to good health, and something that is done through natural methods (vs drugs) and critical to our health and well-being?’

Firstly, Let’s Provide You With Some Background…It’s Important!

We’re Born Toxic

Considering that newborn babies are born with over 200 toxic chemicals in their blood – some of which are chemicals banned over 30 years ago – and are in their mother’s (and their mother’s?) bodies. We’re born toxic. Sad (and scary) but true.

Toxicity is Everywhere

The David Suzuki Foundation did a study and found that over 12,500 personal care products from moisturizer to shampoo contain 80% of the ‘Dirty Dozen’ top toxicity chemicals.

Note – when is the last time you saw a consumer warning on that known brand of baby products? Or your lipstick, shampoo or even products that ‘look’ healthy and safe and made with ‘essential oils’.

Just One Example to Open Your Eyes…

The EWG (Environmental Working Group) scientists reviewed Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath, (2013 formulation) for safety according to the methodology outlined in their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.
They assessed the ingredients listed on the labels of personal care products based on data in toxicity and regulatory databases, government and health agency assessments and the open scientific literature.
Here is an example of just one of the (toxic) ingredients and the EWG’s toxicity rating and concerns:
(7-10 is ‘High Hazard’)
Allergies/immunotoxicity, Use restrictions, Irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs), Organ system toxicity (non-reproductive), Cancer, Contamination concerns.
So…no matter how much organic food you nibble and how ‘green’ you are and how much bottled water you drink (that in itself is toxic – from the BPA in the plastic bottles…just sayin’….).
Toxins are everywhere – we can’t avoid them.  Just look at the plastic alone in your life…(and the 79,999+ other known toxic substances, many of which are in our every day lives – most of which are untested for safety! And those that are….see above…).
And these toxins build in our bodies, and over time clog up our guts…read ‘toxic sludge’….

You Be The Judge – But Educate Yourself First!

What we suggest is to take a few minutes and read below. Why not go through our website for more information. Ultimately, it’s your body! (And ultimately, you’re the only person who is going to take care of your body best!).

Better yet, take a moment to do our ‘How Toxic Are You?’ Quiz for free to find out your toxicity score!

Research on Detoxing

Firstly, there has not been a lot of clinical medical research on detoxing and commercial detoxing products.  In stating this, when you read testimonials, in regards to how people are feeling, symptoms have disappeared such as IBS, acne, pain, heartburn and many other symptoms – not to mention weight loss (which we discuss further below), the difference that detoxing seems to be making on the people who choose to do it has been impressive, to say the least.

PubMed (part of the Natioanl Institute of Health and the US Library of Medicine), published this research study paper – The Effects of a Short Program of Detoxification on Disease-Free Individuals, which investigated a 7 day detox program.

The results were very encouraging – within just 7 days, there was a 47% reduction in regards to scores on a questionnaire regarding the participants well-being (in other words, they were doing better), and a 23% increase in liver detoxification capacity.

Conclusion – ”…a significant reduction in participant symptomology. The tendency toward improvement in liver detoxification measures is consistent with the hypothesis that improved liver detoxification capacity may contribute to well-being.’

Obviously more research needs to be done – however, the thousands of people ‘doing detox’ are seemingly finding a significant improvement in their health.  Large studies take money.  Large studies also tend to be funded by pharmaceutical companies – and guess what?  They don’t want you to get better.

What we would suggest is if you are looking into a commercial detox diet, that you buy one that is FDA certified. We highly recommend Te Divina, which is a gentle, 100% organic, caffeine and laxative free detox cleanse.  There’s no surviving on juice (and air) on it either…You eat real food.

It’s also important to know this…

You being sick is big money.  Remember…

‘The Body Can Detox on It’s Own’ Argument

Our bodies are truly remarkable in regards to our ability to heal – and to detox.  When we sweat, that’s exactly what we’re doing -detoxing –  and that’s why a good sweat in a sauna (a far infrared sauna is best, with many health benefits on top of aiding in cleansing), is so healthy, and has been done for centuries, let alone millenia by Romans, Scandinavians and in other countries.

‘Our skin, liver, kidneys, lungs – were all designed to detox…’

According to Edzard Ernst, emeritus professor of medicine at Exodus University, ‘If toxins did build up in a way your body couldn’t excrete, he says, you’d likely be dead or in need of serious medical intervention. “The healthy body has kidneys, a liver, skin, even lungs that are detoxifying as we speak,” he says.

Ya but…One BIG Issue…

Thing is, our bodies aren’t functioning with the 80,000 pollutants and chemicals in our environment and our food and water. And there is a vast array of illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many other illnesses that are at epidemic levels? So in other words, we are dying…dropping like flies, in fact. Epidemics of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental health issues -even obesity.  All of which correlate with…toxicity and gut health

Research is finding that gut health is responsible for almost every aspect of our health – from fatigue and mood to diabetes and cancer and a huge amount illnesses in between.  Here’s a good research paper discussing gut bacteria in health and disease.


And then there is the basic aspect of evolution. We humans were not designed to deal with such an onslaught of chemicals to our systems – and we most certainly haven’t evolved in the past 150 years, since the industrial revolution, to cope with even a fraction of these toxic pollutants and chemicals.

We’re in Toxic Overload Crisis

…and Big Pharma is loving it!

In fact, they are one of the biggest cuprits.  Check out the relationship between Pfizer and Monsanto – who also produce the highly toxic weedkiller Roundup to spray on our crops – which has been recently exposed to showing up in food like Cheerios.

The chemical business and the pharmaceutical business are directly linked with your ill health. In fact, conventional medications are now the #1 killer in the US.  Now, is that not a scandal and a scam?

There’s a Silent Killer Inside of You …Up to 25 lbs of Toxic Waste

What You Really Need to Know

“The intestines can store a vast amount of this partially digested, putrefying matter, mucoid plaque,” claims natural health expert, Richard Anderson,N.D., N.M.D.

This could be lurking in your body – without you even knowing…Mucoid plaque

“Some intestines, when autopsied, have weighed up to 40
pounds and were distended to a diameter of 12 inches with only a
pencil-thin channel through which the feces could move. That 40 pounds
was due to caked layers of encrusted mucus, mixed with fecal matter,
bizarrely resembling hardened blackish-green truck tire rubber or an
old piece of dried rawhide.”

People can have between 5-25lbs of poop in their system.  In other words, toxic waste.  That’s affecting everything from nutrients not filtering into your system, to leaky gut syndrome, where toxins and food particles are leaking into your blood. And most people are oblivious – as are their doctors.


For us, for the past year we have been using (daily, with a few breaks here and there), Vida Divina Detox & Cleansing Tea.  No, this is not an intense liver or colon cleanse that has us surviving on water and air.

Nor are we attached to the toilet.

We just like knowing that on a daily basis we are doing that little bit extra to help our liver and our bodies cope with the onslaught of toxins in our daily lives. Our weight has dropped, sleep and energy has improved, as has our skin conditions, IBS and even our mood – all elements of toxicity and toxic overload.

No matter how much sweat you pour out and how many kale smoothies you drink, you’re never going to get rid of built-up undigested foods, parasites, mucoid plaque, heavy metals, toxic impurities and and and….

With all the incredibly advances in health care, we are sicker than ever before.  And we must question why that is!  Hint: These illness relate to inflammation, much of which is caused by toxicity and our body (particularly our livers) inability to naturally detox with the 80,000 toxic chemicals and pollutants in our daily lives and their direct effects to our liver, colon and gut health.


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