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Do I Need to Detox?  

I bet that y​ou're probably already too well aware of how toxic chemicals and pollutants are destroying our precious earth. But think about it for a moment...what are they actually doing to YOU and your own personal home (AKA YOUR BODY!)?  If you did think about it, then the question 'do I need to detox?' would be a definitive yes.

And here's why...

Do these symptoms look familiar?

​Give this question a thought...

''If we're at the height of technological advances in health care...

why are we sicker, fat​ter and living with extreme health epidemics like never before?''

​Here's a Few Clues...(Brace yourself!)

Ps. This information is to educate you not to scare you! In fact, the more people who know about this, the more people can take pro-active steps to help reduce their toxic body burden. So, please...share this information with others (there's Share buttons below).

Did You Know There's Over 80,000 Toxic Chemicals & Pollutants in our Daily Lives*

Ps. You don't need to be living beside a nuclear power station...these toxins are EVERYWHERE, such as...

Toxic Food

Image result for toxic chemicals in vegetables 

Question: If farmers need to wear Hazmat suits to grow produce, how safe is your food, really?

The average woman is subjected to 515 Toxic Chemicals... a day!

The average woman is subjected to 515 toxic chemicals a day in her body care products alone! From aluminum (a heavy metal!) in deoderant to pthatalates (hormone disruptors with links to cancer & reproductive issues) found in perfumes & scented products.

Toxic Plastic

Plastics are everywhere! On (and in!) our food and water. Carpets. Cars. Lining tin food cans. Baby toys...The list is endless.

BPA is found in plastics and it is a known hormone disruptor and studies have directly connected it to infertility, increases in estrogen (including in males) and diseases including cancer.

​Did you know that BPA is found in 95% of all Canadians**???

​It gets worse! This was a study done for 3-5 year olds!!!

​Imagine the effect this is having on your body as an adult!​​​​​​​​​

Ps. BPA-Free plastics are proving to be just as toxic as the regular stuff (at twice the price!).

​No wonder we're feeling so sick & Tired. Our bodies are under attack!

​Yes, sedentary lives, processed foods and high stress levels are large contributing factors.  

And they all contribute to one thing...TOXIC OVERLOAD.

Our livers (our body's filtration system) are struggling to cope!

​We don't need to be just reducing toxic products in our environment,

we need to Be kicking Toxins out of ourselves, too!

​Detoxing these days isn't just necessary - it's CRITICAL for your health!

​Please take a moment to watch our video! it could change your life! (Honest!)

It's been created not to scare you - but to educate you more about toxic overload - and most importantly...what you can DO about it!

​The Bad news?

​Unfortunately, we are never going to be 100% toxin-free.

No matter how many kale smoothies you suck back and organic foods you eat, there's one BIG issue.

​Chances are high that you're already dealing with extensive 'toxic body burden'.

 There's simply no escaping the incredible onslaught our bodies (and our planet!) are experiencing.  

Our livers are simply struggling to cope! (As is the rest of our body!)

​When 'healthy' options are no longer healthy...

I thought I'd share a personal picture of some fruit that I was soaking in an attempt to get rid of all the toxic chemical crud.  (The thing is, if it's 'on' these soft fruit, guess what?  It's IN the fruit (and veg), too!

Healthy fruits? Not quite! Look at the toxic residue! (They were soaking in a 1:3 water/vinegar solution.) #scary

​Is There Good News?

​You CAN do things to help reduce your toxic load!

  • Eat organic, whole foods (kick out the processed crap!)
  • Choose glass vs plastic and tins
  • Buy body care products that don't have nasty chemicals such as parabens & SLS

And most importantly....

​Do a Detox at least 4x a year!

Leading functional health practitioners recommend detoxing at least 4x a year as a preventative measure to reduce the signs of early aging. (Ps. That doesn't mean wrinkles! Anti-aging means improving your lifespan and reducing the risk of disease!).

Do you feel detoxing may be a bit overwhelming?

For most people, the idea of doing a detox can be overwhelming. You're probably thinking that it means drinking kale smoothies, doing colonics and, well, not enjoying life very much! Feeling listless and just, well, crappy. (Literally!). 

There are lots of different detoxes on the market. Some are little more than laxatives, others can be intense (and expensive) programs. Many are extremely strict regarding food (if you can eat at all!) and lots taste rather yucky, too! Let alone being totally unrealistic...

​what if there was an easier, more realistic way to detox? Gently? Daily?

​Imagine doing a detox that actually was realistic (and costed a lot less than you may think)?

A detox that was:

  • Easy to do (and didn't affect daily life!)
  • ​Pleasant tasting
  • ​Vegan, gluten-free & caffeine-free
  • ​Laxative-free
  • ​Gentle enough to be taken daily

And...You get to eat REAL FOOD! DAILy?

​does this sound like a detox that's more suitable for you?

(And you may experience similar results to an expensive detox retreat - from the comfort of your own home)

Detox AND eat real (yummy) food?!  Yep!

​Sounds Good? Something You Could Realistically Do?

It gets even better!

​What if it cost less than a cup of barista coffee a day?

Introducing a truly unique detox That supports your body, mind & Soul

Te Divina Detox & Cleansing Tea goes far beyond other detoxes due to the amazing proprietary blend of ingredients - including adaptogens (which can help bring your body back into balance ('homeostasis')).

  • ​100% All-Natural Certified Organic Ingredients
  • ​Vegan & Gluten-Free
  • ​Caffeine & Laxative-Free
  • ​Pleasant-Tasting
  • ​Manufactured in FDA Certified Facilities
  • ​Eat REAL Food
  • ​Can be used daily
  • ​ZERO carbs & calories!

​Te Divina Helps you bring your body back into balance - naturally

Gut health

Immune System Booster

Cardiovascular Health

Overall Well-Being

​Many people using Te divina experience great results

Everyone has their own unique experience when detoxing and using Te Divina is no different. Here's just a few of the many different health improvements Te Divina 'Teatoxers' have experienced***.

  • Weight balancing (lose, gain, maintain)
  • Improved immune system function
  • Reduced pain and inflammation ​
  • Improved fatigue & mental clarity
  • ​Improved bloating, IBS & Digestive issues

​Just a few of the many happy Te Divina 'Teatox' Successes...

Experience Plant Power!

100% All-Natural Certified Organic Ingredients (Vegan & Gluten-Free, too!)

Beautiful Botanicals - Malva, blessed thistle, cranberry

Exquisite Exotics - Papaya, ginger, myrrh, persimmon leaves

​Amazing Adaptogens - The 'King & Queen' of medicinal mushrooms - ganoderma (reishi) & chaga


1000's of people experience positive results with Te Divina.

Here's just a few...


​​This tea was way beyond a detox. It was truly a healing experience. My mood improved, energy lifted, I felt calmer and was sleeping like a baby again! Better yet, I lost 9 lbs in 2 weeks!

​Mo Campbell - Early Childhood educator

noticeable differences and improvements, including In IBS & chronic pain with Te Divina...

Te Divina Testimonial

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Ready to try a truly unique detox and cleanse, gentle enough to be used daily?

It's time to try Te Divina Detox Tea and 'Teatox'!

Get the best results from your 'Teatox' with our exclusive Starter Pack!

If you are going to do a detox/cleanse, it is important to do it properly, be prepared and know some great hints and tips in order to get the very best results!

That's why we created our exclusive Starter Pack. To help you along your truly amazing detox and cleansing experience.

Ps. Vida Divina, the manufacturer of Te Divina, doesn't supply any information with the tea. Therefore, this Starter Pack really can make a huge difference!

Our exclusive Starter Pack includes:

  • QuickStart Guide
  • ​Welcome Pack - including Clean Eating Guide
  • Informative Emails - helping you to make the most out of your  detox and keeping you on track
  • Bonus Turbo Tea Recipe & Video - ramp up your 'teatox' to the    next level
  • Helpful Hints & Tips
  • Immediate Access with the Starter Pack sent to you via email 
  • And much more!

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you would like to return your Te Divina Detox Tea purchase within 30 days of buying, Feel Great Now will refund 100% of the value of the goods ordered. Just email us at [email protected] and we will gladly assist you!

 Our Refunds & Returns Policy applies.

At Feel Great Now, we're passionate about educating people about toxicity and living healthier. Thanks for taking the time to read the information above, hopefully you've found it helpful!

*NRDC states that there are over 80,000 toxic pollutants and chemicals that are mostly untested and unregulated in the USA. 

**BPA is found in 95% of all Canadians aged between the ages of 3-5 according to the Canadian Health Measures Survey (CMS) carried out between 2007-2009. 

*** Feel Great Now makes no medical claims. ​Te Divina isn't suitable for some people due to health conditions and medications. Individual results may vary. Please see our full list of contraindications here.

Te Divina is not for sale to persons under the age of 18.