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Dry Skin Brushing to Brush Away Toxins, Cellulite & Improve Skin

Dry skin brushing to help brush away toxins is also a great way to reduce cellulite and improve skin. In fact, your skin will feel baby soft smooth!

Dry Skin Brushing Affects Your Lymphatic System

If you’re doing a traditional cleanse/detox, or even if you aren’t, consider dry skin brushing as an effective way to help your body get rid of toxins. Not only is it a great thing to do whilst detoxing, but it has amazing additional effects for not only cellulite but also for circulation, lymphatic and nervous system health. Plus your skin feels awesome!

Firstly, although it might not seem like an issue, it’s important to understand that dry skin brushing directly affects your lymphatic and circulation system.

Please take a moment to watch this great video about the correct way to dry skin brush. Yes, there is a right way to do it -and it is important to do it correctly!

I try to dry skin brush every day…at least that is always my goal…! In reality, I do it once or twice a week minimum. And when I do, and the more I do, my skin glows and feels like a baby’s. Seriously! And I am convinced it has helped with the pain in my neck, brain fog and much more.

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and dry skin brushing helps to not only eliminate dead skin, but also allows toxins to release.

Bump Your Detox Up a Notch…

If you are using the amazing detox tea, (which I have dubbed, my ‘miracle tea’ aka Te Divina Detox Tea), then dry skin brushing is an excellent way to bump your detox up another notch.

And continue on by integrating this as part of your daily/weekly routine.

Not only does it reduce cellulite in a big way, but it is incredibly healthy for cardiovascular and circulation, nervous system and lymphatic system health. If you think this picture isn’t real, just Google ‘dry skin brushing cellulite, before & after’; some of the pictures are astonishing! Seriously!!!.

Dry Skin Brush Cellulite


The Brushes

These are the type of brushes that I use… you definitely want to get a softer brush for your face – anDry Skin Brushd this has both, plus a removable handle (see picture). I find this helpful to have, so I can remove the handle for under my arms, chest area etc, and use it with the handle for my feet and back.

My Routine

I thought I would share my routine with you and the products I use.

After getting up, and having a glass of my Te Divina Cleansing Tea (but nothing to eat), I do some yoga and stretching, then I start my dry skin brushing routine.

(The Te Divina Cleansing Tea does so much more than a cleanse – in fact, it has 26 health benefits from being an incredible antioxidant, antifungal and antibacterial to being chock-full of ingredients for my health now – and preventative health care for the future.)

  1. I use virgin, organic coconut oil to do what is called ‘oil pulling’, which involves swishing it around in my mouth for at least 15 minutes (I do it for the length of time I do the dry brushing routine). This helps to rid the body of toxins & bacteria, improves gum & mouth health, and literally pulls the gunk out. I have a little bowl available to spit into; do not spit down the toilet or sink, as it will clog it up when it becomes solid. Here’s a video for you to watch on Coconut Oil Pulling. Rinse your mouth out with warm water a few times afterwards.
  2. I have my mobile with me in the bathroom and listen to some sort of inspirational or motivational YouTube thang…
  3. When I am done my dry skin brushing and oil pulling I have a shower immediately afterwards – I have a filtered shower head because I don’t want to wash my body with the crud that I just got rid of by dry skin brushing! Tap water can be full of heavy metals, impurities & chlorine and many places also have fluoride…#Toxic!
  4. When in the shower, I use my scrubby and perform the same basic movements as the dry skin brushing to continue on with this routine (but not for as long!).
  5. I use an organic soap because our body care products are one of the worst culprits for toxic chemicals..seriously. I am starting to make my own liquid soap, however; all will be revealed in a video soon!
  6. Lastly, I use what’s called ‘fractionated’ liquid coconut oil. It is completely clear and moisturises the skin beautifully. I also add a drop of a lovely essential oil, such as rose geranium, so I smell beautiful all day long!

I feel refreshed, revived and ready to greet the day after this! Honest!  Try it, you might become addicted!

Dry Skin Brushing Can Reduce Cleansing Reaction Symptoms

With reference to my article on Possible Detoxing and Cleansing Reactions, people can go through what is known as a ‘Healing Crisis’. This in itself is a good thing as it means that the cleanse is actually working!

However, it can create a variety of not so great (temporary) physical experiences; from fatigue and brain fog to an increase in pain and aching.

A cleansing reaction occurs any time your body is releasing toxins faster than it can eliminate them. For example, you may stir up an old piece of undigested food that was stuck in the colon, temporarily releasing bacteria and toxins into the bloodstream as the liver works to filter out the excess build-up. A cleansing reaction is usually a sign that the liver is a bit sluggish and not fully doing its job.

As our skin is actually our largest organ, providing an alternative route for the toxins to leave the body through the skin is a great way to reduce the reaction effects. In fact, I personally have noticed that, for me, there has been a significant decrease in symptoms right away when I am cleansing and am struggling with pain or fatigue. Once I do my brushing, these issues clear up almost immediately – simply because I have been able to relieve the toxins.

And Finally…

After dry skiFirzone Saunan brushing try taking a cool, quick shower to wash off the toxins from your skin. Or, alternatively, have a long soak in a hot bath with 2 cups of Epsom salt and 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda.

Or…highly recommended…invest in a far infrared sauna. You can actually get portable ones such as this Firzone!

Not only is it great for weight loss, but it has numerous health benefits including relaxing, detoxing, loosening muscles and much more.

Dry skin brushing really does brush away toxins, cellulite, improves circulation and much more! Who needs to go to a spa when we can do it all ourselves and feel great now!

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