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26 Potential Health Benefits of Te Divina Cleanse & Detox Tea

Want to try Te Divina Detox Tea and interested in finding more out about how the ingredients may be of benefit to you?  We have chosen just 26 potential health benefits of Te Divina Detox Tea.  These are based upon published research studies of attributed health benefits from each of the  12 all-natural ingredients in Te Divina Detox Tea.

Unlike Any Other Detoxes on the Market

Unlike other detoxes, Vida Divina's Te Divina Detox Tea is unique.  Not only is it gentle enough to use on an ongoing basis, but it has the incredibly powerful adaptogenic mushrooms ganoderma lucidum and chaga.

Te Divina Detox Tea is:

  • 100% Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Made with 12 all-natural ingredients
  • Made with ganoderma lucidum and chaga mushrooms - adaptogens known as the 'King & Queen of Medicinal Herbs'
  • Our #1 Selling Product!

26  Potential Benefits of Te Divina Detox Tea

The following are some potential benefits* based on published research papers from the individual ingredients that make up Te Divina Detox Tea.  

Have a look at our Te Divina Detox Tea  Ingredients  page where there are links to the research papers to substantiate each benefit listed.

Te Divina Detox Tea may*:

  • Help to gently cleanse the liver
  • Help to reduce cramps and painful menstruation
  • Help to reduce soreness and aching due to anti-inflammatory ingredients
  • Help to reduce fevers
  • Help to improve the health of heart and lungs
  • Help to improve memory due to increased blood circulation to the brain
  • Help to relieve gas, indigestion and ‘sour stomach’
  • Help to improve circulation
  • Help to soothe the digestive tract
  • Help to prevent ulcers
  • Help to reduce urinary tract infections (UTI’s)
  • Help to reduce griping and stomach cramps
  • Help to reduce nausea
  • Help with the maintaining and regulating cholesterol levels
  • Help to improve sleep and relaxation
  • Help to regulate blood sugar levels
  • Help to improve chronic sinus problems
  • Help to reduce irritable bowel syndrome symptoms (cramping, constipation, diarrhoea)
  • Help to fight viruses- as it some of the ingredients have anti-viral properties
  • Help to fight fungus - such as candida - as some of the ingredients have anti-fungal properties
  • Help to cleanse the colon and may help the digestive system to work more effectively
  • Help to alleviate stress and supports adrenal function
  • Help to regulate blood pressure
  • Help to improve immune system due to some ingredients having anti-oxidant properties
  • Help to stimulate T-cell activity
  • Help improve weight control
  • *Individual results may vary. Vida Divina and Feel Great Now make no health claims. Please see full disclaimer below.

    With Te Divina Detox Tea you can cleanse both your body and mind...

    Looking for Weight Loss Help?

    If you are looking to primarily lose weight, we recommend using the Te Divina Detox Tea in conjunction with the Vida Divina weight control system.  Vida Divina capsules Life and Atom Capsules, may help you to really kick-start your weight loss as well as provide other great potential health benefits.


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