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You can either make the tea up in a concentrate and add 2-3 tbsp to water. (This is great if fridge space is an issue with storing 1 gallon of prepared tea).

Alternatively, you can dilute the tea.

Please note: The directions for making a concentrate and storing it are not on the tea packet instructions - however, you will get the same results!

Method 1 - Concentrated 

  1. Boil 4 cups/1 litre of water (preferably filtered).
  2. Place 1 teabag into glass pitcher and add boiled water.
  3. Cover and leave to steep for 4-8 hours, keep teabag in.
  4. Place in fridge once cooled (this is the concentrate recipe for weeks 1-3; after which we recommend switching to our special Turbo Tea recipe).


  1. Pour the concentrate into a 1 gallon container (glass is preferable).
  2. Top up with 12 cups of filtered water.
  3. Place in the fridge and keep the teabag in the tea, in order to continue to get all the goodness out!

Add Flavour!

Although the tea tastes pleasant enough as it is, you can definitely zhoosh it up!

Try throwing in some sliced fresh ginger or mint, lemon, lime, fresh berries - you name it!

Daily Amount to Drink

If you are happy drinking a warm tea, we recommend trying this tea warm - as it increases the health benefits particularly of the Ganoderma and Chaga mushrooms. But you can drink it cold, too!

Concentrated: Add 3 tbsp (or less depending on how you feel) to a mug, top up with hot/boiled water. Drink with breakfast, lunch and 2 tbsp topped up with hot/boiled water with dinner.

Diluted: Have an 8 oz glass (230ml) with breakfast, 8 oz glass with lunch and a 4 oz with dinner.

If you think you are highly toxic, add another 2oz glass in the day.

5 Important Tips

  • 1
    Leave the bag in! It's important to leave the teabag either in your prepared tea (water + teabag) or use as a concentrate.
  • 2
    Fridge it!  It's imperative that you refrigerate it, in order to preserve it properly and...
  • 3
    Don't Nuke it! Never microwave it - this destroys all the beneficial qualities in Te Divina Cleanse & Detox Tea!
  • 4
    Drink a lot of water! At least 3 litres/100 fl oz a day
  • 5
    Cramping? Diarrhea?  Most people don't experience adverse effects, but everybody is different.  If you do have any issues, just scale back on the amount of tea you are drinking.  Try diluting it more, taking it 1x or 2x a day and find the right amount that suits you!

Ready to Go Turbo?

If you have used Te Divina Cleansing & Detox Tea for three week (or more) and you are have found that it isn't too strong for you and you are thrilled with the results - you can actually bump it up a notch (or 3!).

Just BUY the tea here and receive our Te Divina TURBO TEA Recipe for free!


<--We love this‚Äč 1 gallon glass drink dispensers with a spigot! Environmentally and human friendly, too!

Glass is a much safer option as plastic can be (is) toxic!

You are going to need to drink a lot of water!!!

Water flushes your system of toxins on top of all the extremely important health benefits water provides to our bodies.

Make sure you are drinking at least 3 litres/100 fl oz of water a day.

Check out our FAQ page about Te Divina Cleanse & Detox Tea.


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