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Te Divina Detox Tea FAQs

Please find below Te Divina Detox Tea FAQs (most frequently asked questions).

Te Divina Detox Tea is made from a proprietary and patent-pending unique of 12 ingredients that are 100%  organic, all-natural and plant-based, to help you gently cleanse and detox.

Did You Know?

We’re subjected to over 80,000 unregulated toxic chemicals and pollutants – on a daily basis?

This is why detoxing has not only become a good thing to do – but in fact, a critical component of both restorative and preventative health.  In fact, many functional health professionals believe that

Detoxing is more important than  nutrition – David Avocado Wolfe, health guru

Common Effects in Using Te Divina Detox Tea

Firstly, it is important to understand that everyone is different and individual results may vary, however, here are the most common effects from Te Divina Detox Tea:

  • Improved Sleep
  • Weight Loss
  • More Energy
  • Reduced Brain Fog
  • Reduced Aches & Pains
  • Reduced Digestive Issues
  • Improved Skin & Hair

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[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q.How Do I Make Te Divina Detox Tea?”  no=”1/1″] A. Click here for the instructions for what we call the Te Divina Turbo Detox Tea.  It is the fastest, easiest, most effective way to make – and take – the tea.

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. Is Te Divina Detox Tea Any Different to Other Detox Teas Available on the Market? ” no=”1/1″] A. On top of being 100% organic, all-natural and gluten free, Te Divina Detox Tea differs in several ways.

Firstly, it is a gentle and cleansing detox. Most people don’t experience cramping or diarrhoea. Secondly, it has the incredibly rich chaga and ganoderma (reishi) mushrooms – which are full of potent health benefits* and have hundreds of research studies. (See ingredients list for more information on each ingredient).

As Te Divina Detox Tea is so gentle, people take it not only for cleansing, but ongoing restorative and preventative health care – as well as for weight loss.

Plus – you are going to be eating real food. That’s right! No meal replacement shakes, no highly processed meals. When you buy Te Divina Detox Tea, we will provide you with a full guide to help you get on to the road to wellness, including a clean eating guide to help you on your way.[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. What are the Ingredients in Te Divina Detox Tea?” no=”1/1″] Te Divina is 100% organic and gluten free and has ganoderma mushrooms, chaga mushrooms, papaya, cranberry, malva leaves, chamomile, myrrh, mallow leaves, blue agave, ginger[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. Will Te Divina Give Me Bad Diarrhoea and Cramps?” no=”1/1″] A. You shouldn’t experience severe cramping or diarrhoea, although the first few days your body will be adjusting – so DO expect to be going to the bathroom more often. It is also important to drink a lot of water to help you flush your system (and for good health in general!).

Of course, everyone’s experiences are unique to themselves. A lot depends on how toxic you actually are and how impacted your system is.

In order to cleanse your colon and liver, your body is going to need to expel the toxins and impurities – so that will mean there will be more poopage! (Most people find it ‘different’ to their experience of diarrhoea, however.)

We recommend you start Te Divina Detox Tea when you are going to be around the house for a few days, such as a weekend. Start on a Friday afternoon or evening, so that by Monday, your body should have adjusted. Better to be safe than sorry! 🙂

Te Divina Detox Tea is a very gentle cleanse! If you are experiencing any severe cramping or ongoing diarrhoea, reduce your amount to at least half. Then see how you do and adjust accordingly from there.[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. Will I Be Eating Meal Replacements or Shakes with the Tea?” no=”1/1″] A. Definitely not! This is all about eating healthily – and about eating real foods. You will be eating 3 meals a day with healthy proteins, complex carbs, fruits and veg and healthy fats.

As this is all about cleansing your body of toxins – including many of which have come from food, we encourage you to use this opportunity to start a new way of eating – not a diet. It’s all about clean eating.

When you order Te Divina Detox Tea through Feel Great Now, make sure you click on the Free Support Pack option on the page.

We will provide you with a full guide with tons of information in regards to getting you on to the road to good health and wellness – including a full food guide. Don’t worry – there’s literally thousands of great recipes out there, that are healthy, delicious and fit in with clean eating.[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. How Do I Know Te Divina Detox Tea is Working For Me?” no=”1/1″] A. Everybody is different! Your body and how it responds will be different to the next person.

Keeping track of how you feel (particularly BEFORE trying the tea) and changes in your body is a good way to see how you’re feeling and the improvements being made.

Weight loss isn’t the only health benefit that the tea will help to improve. Improvements in things like digestion and bloating, IBS, pain, headaches, hair growth, nail growth, skin and complexion, increased energy, better sleeps, feeling more calm and relaxed are just a few of the benefits people experience.

And…(sorry for being gross here…), many people have noticed parasites such as worms in their poop…

Most people notice a change within 24 hours – for others it can take a bit longer.

In saying this, as we all know, there is SO much going on in our bodies that we don’t feel. The 12 powerful ingredients in Te Divina Detox Tea are incredible powerhouses that may  help heal and also may assist in preventative health*.

These include anti oxidants, anti bacterial, anti fungal, cholesterol, sugar and blood pressure levelling ingredients. All of which are 100% natural and organic, vegan and gluten-free.

Some benefits of drinking Te Divina Detox Tea is that it may help to improve skin complexion, hair growth, nail growth, increased energy, weight loss etc.

In fact, if you are looking to kick-start your weight loss, Te Divina is an excellent place to start – the average weight loss is 7lbs in just 7 days*! For ongoing weight loss – try Life Capsules! And you can take Life and Te Divina at the same time, too.[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. Will I HaveConstipation When Drinking Te Divina Detox Tea?” no=”1/1″] Some people may experience constipation. This is caused from of dried faecal matter being loosened from the colon walls and getting stuck in the colon. Don’t worry! Simply increase your water and keep drinking your tea. (p.s. – most people don’t drink enough water to begin with – the best rule of thumb is to divide your body weight in half – then divide by 8 – that is the number of cups you should be drinking each day.)[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. Am I Going to Lose a Lot of Weight Fast?” no=”1/1″] It is important to understand that Te Divina Detox Tea is not specifically for weight loss. It is for cleansing and detoxing your body. This means ridding the body of toxins and impurities – which ultimately comes in the form of faecal matter.

Believe it or not, people have up to 25 lbs of toxic waste (aka poop) in their systems. This in itself causing a huge strain on your body – and health.

Te Divina gently cleanses your liver, colon, intestines and kidneys – on top of providing incredibly ongoing health benefits. When your organs are working better because their environment is cleaner, everything is easier – your energy is improved and nutrients are absorbed much better as well.

When you start your tea, you should also start a new chapter in your book of life – and that is eating healthily – as a way of life – not as a diet.

Take this opportunity to incorporate more organic foods, no processed foods,  and trying new foods and new recipes that are nutritious – and delicious![/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q.I Have a Headache & Feel Exhausted Using the Tea”  no=”1/1″] A. This is a very common reaction, and it is known as a ‘healing crisis’ or ‘detox flu’.

It is actually a good sign! (Although you may find that hard to believe when going through it at the time!).

This means that your body is kicking out the toxins.  There are several things that you can do to help reduce these symptoms, and you can find out about them on our page Possible Detoxing & Cleansing Reactions.

Drink plenty of water, and listen to your body.  If you are feeling truly unwell, then simply reduce the amount of tea that you are drinking -or stop.  However, these symptoms do tend to clear after a day or two.[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. Can I Drink Te Divina Detox Tea Hot?” no=”1/1″] Yes, in fact, this is the best way to drink the tea – however…if you choose to reheat the tea (it will be cold, as you are keeping it in the fridge), please do not use a microwave. Microwaves kill all the nutrients in the tea! (Not to mention are highly radioactive and toxic!).[/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. Where Can I Buy Te Divina Cleansing & Detox Tea & How Much?” no=”1/1″] A. You can buy it right here – from our store.  One order is 6 sachets – which is 6 weeks worth of tea, for $60 plus shipping charges to your country.

Interested in getting 18 weeks of tea for just $120? Check out the next question about being a distributor!


[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. I Love the Sound of This Tea Is There a Referral and Distributor Opportunity?” no=”1/1″] A. Yes and yes! Click here for more details!

Why not become a distributor? Get the tea (and all the other products) at wholesale prices, get the best compensation package going and help others to also get on their way to better health and wealth!


[thrive_toggles_group”][thrive_toggles title=”Q. What Does Te Divina Taste Like?” no=”1/1″] A. Unlike other herbal detoxes and cleanses, Te Divina is very pleasant tasting. In fact, it doesn’t have much taste at all! If anything, we’d describe it like a faint green tea taste. Add some fresh ginger slices when mixing the concentrate for a lovely zing! Or splash some lemon or lime into your glass. Te Divina is actually very refreshing tasting![/thrive_toggles][/thrive_toggles_group]

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*Individual results may vary.

The information provided has not been authorized by the Food and Drug Administration.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.  Vida Divina makes no claims regarding efficacy of the product, however, they do offer a 100% money back guarantee should you purchase their product through Feel Great Now.