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​My Story About Te Divina Detox & Cleansing Tea

My​ story about how Te Divina Detox & Cleansing Tea came into my life was, well, by fluke.

It came about ​because I was doing a lot of research regarding improving my health due to fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and living with chronic pain due to inflammation, arthritis and bone spurs (one growing into my spinal cord. I call him Nelson).

I knew ​beyond a doubt that what I was going through on a daily basis regarding the fibromyalgia and CFS had​​​​​​ ​an intrinsic root cause - I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I also knew that taking 40 pills a day was severely wrecking my liver - and my life. At the age of 46, being bed-bound, morbidly obese and merely surviving was not living. Something had to give!  And it was my health...spiralling out of control.  Thank goodness for my kind and supportive husband!

Ps. Toxins LOVE TO LIVE IN FAT and there was no doubt that I was highly toxic...

​My Research Revealed Something Shocking...

In my research, I came across toxic overload syndrome. My jaw hit the floor.  It just made a huge amount of sense!​​​


Doing a 'detox' simply didn't appeal to me.  I knew that there would be no way that I was going to survive on kale smoothies or maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water for a whole day - let alone a month! Not to mention days on end of colonic irrigation stylee stuff. #yuck

​And Then A Miracle happened...

​A few days after my jaw-dropping research find about toxicity and how toxic overload and toxic body burden can be one of the largest contributing factors to ALL our health issues, my Facebook friend Cath, (who has a rare type of MS) posted that she had lost 11lbs -in 13 days. And that she was off almost all her pain medication.

I simply had to find out what she was doing!  It was Te Divina Detox & CleansingTea!  And she said it tasted pleasant and she was eating real food. 3x a day!


Within an hour I had ordered 18 weeks - 9 weeks each for my husband and me.

​After 3 months after using the tea, I lost ​36" and 32lbs. I was off all my pain killer and muscle spasm medication.  (That's a picture of me, below).  I still have a way to go in my journey to better health and weight loss, (and sadly, Nelson will be with me for life).

...​But I am getting there!

PS. I Ate REAL food.  We went out for Mexican, had some pizzas here and there...I was far from starving (or enjoying eating some favourite foods), and feeling SO much better.  Enjoying life is critical!

That's me from the back...3 months into using the tea and eating clean (most of the time!).

Size 24/26 down to an 18 and off 40 pills a day - in 3 months! Thank you Te Divina!

Isn't it time to start feeling great, now? 

​If you're sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, struggling with weight, digestive issues and feeling blah in general - now is definitely the time.  

For the cost of a barista coffee a day you have nothing to lose (except weight, possibly!) and everything to gain regarding improving  your health and well-being - almost effortlessly!  

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