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‘Witch’s Brew’ All-Natural Cold & Flu Remedy That Seriously Works!

My ‘Witch’s Brew’ is an amazing, all-natural cold & flu remedy that seriously does work due to the incredibly powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients – one of which is a ‘secret’ one! (And why I haven’t been hit with a bug for two years…).

Check out what the secret ingredient is in the recipe, why it works – and of course, the recipe for my Witch’s Brew Cold & Flu Remedy below.

Instead of Masking Symptoms with Meds – Kick Out the Bacteria & Virus!

Medications tend to just mask your cold and flu symptoms – instead of getting to the root cause, and kicking out the cause of the problem! (Bacterias and viruses…aka TOXINS).

Therefore, as soon as your meds wear off, you are back to feeling like crap.  (Not to mention what some of these meds (OTC included) are doing to your liver and cells…).

Natural is Best!

So….when my whole household came down with a nasty cold, and were using words like, ‘I’m dying’ (clearly they weren’t, but they were pretty miserable), I thought,

‘Hmmm….perhaps I can do some research into all-natural cold and flu remedy options and concoct some sort of ‘Witch’s Brew’ to try to kick the bug out.’

And subsequently had the ‘Aha! Moment’ when I found the right ingredients,  and then went on to make my Witch’s Brew for everyone…

(Of course, they all refused and declined to touch it (I will spare you their comments…), until I pointed out why they were all sick – and why I haven’t been ill for over a year – hint: it has to to with the Secret Ingredient).

Ps – the Witch’s Brew does not taste unpleasant, either!  And with a dash of honey, it is rather soothing…

Guess What?


Like in 24 hours – from aching, feverish, coughing, swollen throat…to back to work – with a smile and 75% better!



My Witch’s Brew Secret Ingredient

A year ago I started using Te Divina Tea and was seriously impressed with health benefits each of the 12 ingredients can provide.

ps. When I started Te Divina I also lost 11 lbs in 13 days, my insomnia,fatigue, restless legs and IBS disappeared within a week in using Te Divina -just thought I would mention that! (Of course, individual results vary…).

Introducing the King & Queen (of Mushrooms…)

Unlike any tea on the market, and made with the incredible healing qualities of the ‘king and queen’ of medicinal mushrooms (ganoderma and chaga), I realised that this tea is a great base to build my ultimate ‘Witch’s Brew’! 🙂

These mushrooms host an amazing array of health benefits and are known as ‘adaptogens’.  (In other words, they go into your body and find what is out of whack, and work on repairing you so that your body is in balance, cool, huh?)

Immune Boosters

The most likely reason I wasn’t ‘slain with the cold’, like everyone else in the house, (and all over the world) is probably because of the immune boosting ingredients that are in the Tea – which, btw, I drink daily and have been for the past year.

Ingredients such as chamomile, cranberry, ginger and papaya, on top of the ganoderma and chaga mushrooms help boost your immune system.  For more information on the ingredients and their health benefits, go here.

Te Divina is also all-natural, vegan, caffeine and gluten-free and tastes pleasant, too!

Thing Is…

You do need to use the Te Divina Detox Tea as the base for my Witch’s Brew Cold & Flu Remedy.

You can order your Te Divina Tea here – it is just over $12 a week* and it ships globally and arrives in just a few days through FedEx.

See my Witch’s Brew All-Natural Cold & Flu Remedy below!

*minimum 6 weeks plus shipping – well worth trying for a gentle cleanse, too!

Print Recipe
Te Divina Cold & Flu Remedy Drink
Te Divina Tea is POWERFUL stuff! 1 teabag of Te Divina Tea lasts a week! So please, don't drink it all at once!
Te Divina Cold & Flu Remedy
Course Home Remedies
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time 20 Minutes
Passive Time 4-8 Hours
Tea Concentrate
Cold Remedy
Course Home Remedies
Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time 20 Minutes
Passive Time 4-8 Hours
Tea Concentrate
Cold Remedy
Te Divina Cold & Flu Remedy
Make Tea Concentrate
  1. Make the Te Divina concentrate according to instructions found here https://feelgreatnow.co/te-divina-the-ultimate-cleansing-detox-tea/instructions/ Store the rest in the fridge.
    Te Divina Detox Tea Concentrate
Cold & Flu Remedy
  1. Take 250 ml of the tea concentrate and add it to a large saucepan with the rest of the cold and flu remedy ingredients. Bring to a gentle boil, then simmer for at least 20 minutes. Take a few tablespoons of the remedy and add to a mug with Manuka honey (or any honey or plain, should you wish) and top up with hot/boiling water. Sip and have a few mugs of this spaced throughout the day.
  2. Cool and pour into a jar and keep in the fridge.
  3. Use 2-3 tbsp of STRAINED cold and flu remedy concentrate and top up with hot water in a mug - drink 2-3 times a day with a little Manuka honey (or regular honey, but Manuka is best).
  4. Drink at least 3 litres of water a day to help flush your system.
  5. Feel better soon!
  6. When you get low, take the ingredients remaining in your jar and add back in the saucepan and you can get a second batch! Add 4 more cups of water, bring back to the boil and simmer again for at least 10 minutes. Cool, place in jar and repeat. Obviously it won't be as potent as your first batch - but still works!
Recipe Notes

Want to super-charge your Witch's Brew Cold & Flu Remedy? You need to get some Te Divina Tea!  (Great to use on a daily basis to help gently detox and cleanse your liver, boost your immune system and bring your body back into balance with the adaptogenic mushrooms.)

You can get the lowest price online + FREE shipping worldwide for authentic* Te Divina Tea here, shipped fresh directly from the manufacturer in California to ensure freshness and authenticity.

*Please note the manufacturer prohibits selling on eBay and Amazon. Products available through these shops may be imitations from China.

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  1. Susan Hamilton

    I’m definitely saving this recipe for this winter! I have to admit, drinking tea with garlic in it sounds a little weird, but if it makes me feel better, I’ll just deal with it 😉

    • Alyssa Reid

      Hi Susan! Thanks for your comment!

      Just to confirm that this isn’t black tea that the remedy is made with. It is specifically using the Te Divina tea, as it has ganoderma, chaga, myrrh, ginger, papaya, holy thistle, cranberry, chamomile and other all-natural ingredients. Some of these ingredients are adaptogens, helping to bring the body back into homeostasis, others help to fight bacteria, viruses, inflammation and much more. So, combined with the ingredients in my Witch’s Brew recipe, it’s one kick-ass remedy! 🙂 Alyssa

    • John Williams

      Don’t worry Susan, it’s really not bad. The flavors of everything else is what you taste the most. I think the garlic mostly makes it a little spicy (if that’s what you would call it) which is what makes it helpful for colds.

      • Alyssa Reid

        Thanks for your reply, John!
        All the goodies in the tea do meld in flavour, and the ganoderma, chaga and other excellent ingredients in the Te Divina tea act boost the immune system and kick out the nasties!

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