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Shhh! We really shouldn't be telling you How to Get Vida Divina Products like te divina

 at wholesale prices with up to a 31% discount!

​Here's How!

By becoming a Vida Divina Independent Affiliate you don't need to sell Vida Divina products in order to access their wholesale prices.  (Although you can sell Vida Divina products as an affiliate, and earn money too!)

​As a Vida Divina Independent Afffiliate you can access wholesale prices - which are 31% cheaper than Vida Divina retail prices*!!

​Yep. It's true!  

Ps. There's NO:

  • Sample kit to buy
  • Membership fees to pay

There are a few little things you should know about (of course)!

In order to get this fantastic discount on your order (and all future orders)

  • Your first order needs to be a minimum of 18 Te Divina Detox Teas; at a wholesale cost of $135 (the retail price for this is normally $195) -  and each Te Divina Detox Tea makes 1 weeks worth of tea. So, you can get a great saving of $60 on your first order, plus plenty of tea for yourself, or to share with family & friends.
  • And if you want to continue your access to wholesale prices, you simply have to place an order worth a minimum of $135 USD every 3 months. But, there's no obligation on you whatsoever to place further orders.

Becoming an Independent Affiliate Is​ As Easy as 1-2-3!


Send an email to us by clicking here 

 - to let us know that you want to become a distributor or click on the chat button below.  We'll provide you with the link to sign up.  

Please note that the link expires within an hour!


Fill out the form with your information - name, address etc. The 'SSN or FEIN' is your country national insurance or country identification code. Leave the beneficiary information blank.


Read the Terms and Conditions.  If you're happy, select the tea package that you would like (minimum order is 18 weeks).  Pay. And await your tea delivery. You will also be able to buy other products after this initial step; as a new order.

Congratulations! You're Now a Vida Divina Independent Affiliate! Woo Hoo!​



Click on the button and follow the steps listed above...!

​Loads of awesome & different products available!

That's right!  Not just the amazing Te Divina Detox Tea, but a whole (and growing) range of products such as:

  • ​Supplements (many with ganoderma and other medicinal mushrooms)
  • Pet food (with ganoderma)
  • Organic cosmetics
  • Coffees (with ganoderma)
  • Much more - and much more being developed, too!
  • ​Manufactured in FDA certified facilities to ensure authenticity, safety and freshness
  • Shipped directly to you - or your customers (with shipping to over 25 countries!)

*Please note that some of these products may not be available in all countries.

​Just a Few Vida Divina Products Available in Addition to Te Divina Detox Tea...

​About Vida Divina

Vida Divina and its CEO, Armand Puyolt, have been featured in the Association for Network Marketing Professionals, and Network Marketing Times, as one of the leading network marketing organisations and persons in the world. You can find out more about Armand's story by going here.

Ps. Talk about a winning company.  In the first 2 months of launching Vida Divina, sold $23 million worth of products. For more info about Vida's success read this Business For Home article.

​Yes! I want to buy Vida Products at
Wholesale prices!

If you want to get Vida Divina products with over a 30% discount. Follow the 1-2-3 steps listed above once you click the 'Get Started' button (which sends an email to us and we'll provide you with the link).

*Based on current Vida Divina retail prices ($65 USD for 6 weeks x 3 (18 weeks) = $195 USD, compared to Vida Divina's wholesale price of $135) prices as of June 21, 2019.