26 Benefits of Te Divina Cleansing & Detox Tea

Te Divina Cleansing & Detox Tea tea goes FAR beyond helping people to lose weight and kickstart their weight loss.  (The average weight loss is 7lbs in 7 days – and inch loss, too – this isn’t ‘water weight’).

Te Divina helps to renew, restore and refresh your gut, gut health and ultimately your overall health.

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Please see below for the amazing 26 benefits this incredible cleansing tea provides with 12 truly powerful all natural ingredients, that are 100% organic, vegan and gluten-free, too.

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Te Divina Cleansing & Detox Tea can used for ongoing preventative health care.  The tea is gentle, yet packs an incredibly powerful punch in regards to the health benefits the ingredients provide.

Te Divina – For Your Health Now – And Well-Being for the Future

In regards to weight loss, it is important to understand why weight gain and toxic overload go hand in hand.  In fact, chances are your weight issues are due to toxic overload.  Truth! There really is a reason why you’re struggling to lose the weight and/or keep it off.  To find out more about how toxicity (and the research behind it) affects weight gain and obesity, go here.

Gut Health = Overall Health

Our gut health is critical in our overall health and it is thought that up to 90% of diseases stem from gut health and gut microbiomes.

When we kicking out the toxins, parasites and other impurities, regulate blood sugar levels and get our livers (read, our body’s filter!) working more effectively, the weight just starts to come off for people.  In fact..

That’s why Te Divina is not just an excellent way to get your gut health ship shape!  But to keep it that way by ongoing maintenance – meaning, preventative healthcare.

26 Te Divina Benefits

With the 12 powerful, all-natural ingredients – some that have been used for thousands of years for their known health properties, that are well renowned for providing the following health benefits:

  1. Aids in liver disorders by gently cleansing
  2. Helps with cramps and painful menstruation
  3. Powerful anti-inflammatory – reduces/eliminates soreness and aching
  4. Helps reduce fevers
  5. Improves the health of heart and lungs
  6. Improves memory due to increased blood circulation to the brain
  7. Relieves gas, indigestion and ‘sour stomach’
  8. Improves circulation, particularly in the hands and feet
  9. Soothes the digestive tract
  10. Can help prevent ulcers
  11. Anti-bacterial (helps with urinary tract infections (UTI’s)
  12. Stops griping and stomach cramps
  13. Effective with nausea
  14. Helps to regulate cholesterol levels
  15. Excellent for sleep and relaxation
  16. Helps regulateblood sugar
  17. Improves chronic sinus problems
  18. Reduces irritable bowel syndrome symptoms (cramping, constipation, diarrhea)
  19. Antiviral
  20. Anti-fungal (helps combat yeast (thrush) infections)
  21. Cleans the colon and gets the digestive system working effectively
  22. Alleviates stress and supports adrenal function
  23. Helps blood pressure
  24. Acts against degenerative diseases such as cancer, HIV/AIDS
  25. Helps stimulate T-cell activity
  26. Weight Loss

Consider Te Divina not only as a detox, but as an ongoing incredibly powerful supplement to integrate into your daily health regime.​

You can buy Te Divina Cleansing & Detox Tea Here

Looking for Weight Loss Help?

If you are looking to primarily lose weight, we recommend using the Te Divina Cleansing & Detox Tea in conjunction with the weight loss capsules Life to really kickstart your weight loss, boost your immune system, kick out toxins and keep your weight loss momentum going whilst getting healthier.

Want to find out how toxic you really are?  Why not take our How Toxic Are You? Quiz?