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The Dangers Lurking in Your Body Care Products

Toxic Body Care Products

Here’s what to look out for regarding the dangers lurking in your body care products in a handy infographic by Dr Mercola. If you aren’t already aware of this, did you know that the average woman is subjected to 515 toxic chemicals and pollutants daily from ‘just’ their body care products? Every day? Oh…and these chemicals are also in your baby and kid’s body care products, too…

Did you know that the largest organ in your body is actually your skin?  So, naturally (pun intended), you should only be using the safest products on it, right?

As you are, hopefully, aware just because products are for sale (or prescribed) this in no way makes them safe!

Take a moment to go through this great Dr. Mercola infographic and learn how the words that you can’t pronounce (and don’t know what they are), can be affecting your health and that of your family.

So… before you slather on the (toxic) lather – understand how it could be making you and your family ill – now and in the future.

One (cheap) way to reduce your toxic exposure is to actually make your own soaps, shampoos and even cleaning products! Check out my recipe for a super easy DIY liquid soap with essential oil, that literally takes seconds, costs pennies and is non-toxic, too!

Take the ‘How Toxic Are You?’ Quiz to find out your toxic body toxicity score.

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There’s nothing left unspoiled!!! Unless you grow all your own food, grown in organic soil, with highly filtered water, under cover…

That’s why it is SO important to do a liver and colon cleanse, such as Te Divina Detox & Cleansing Tea on a regular basis. Our livers are the filtration units of our bodies. Keeping them working at their optimum is critical for our overall health and well-being.

How Toxic Are YOU? Take the QUIZ HERE!

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